The Online Journalism Handbook, Bradshaw & Rohumma

According to Bradshaw and Rohumma, online journalism is the use of the internet and online platforms for journalists to share their work. It is the use of multimedia such as hyperlinks, pictures, video and audio content to help enrich their work. Online journalism can also be used to share content with anyone around the world in real-time, such as through the use of live blogging, which also incorporates multimedia. (2011, P.30)

Online journalists should have a strong knowledge of things such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), states Bradshaw and Rohumma. K...

Multimedia Journalism, Bull

According to Bull, a personal brand is who you are and what you are known for. ( 2010, P.339) To create a good brand, it is first important to have good work. A bad journalist will be unable to make a good personal brand through other techniques, if their work is not good to start with. No matter how nice a website may look, it will become apparent immediately if the work is not of a high standard, which will instantly ruin the personal brand. (2010, P.340) For new journalists starting out, Bull states that good branding is vital in establishing a good career. (2010, P.341)

Bull st...


Feature writing: a practical introduction by Susan Pape and Sue Featherstone - Chapter 8: Writing Personal Columns

Pape & Featherstone state that personal columns can be divided into two categories; opinion pieces and personal viewpoint pieces. An opinion piece is an objective, balanced and rounded view of a current topic or issue, and a personal viewpoint is an individual's personal opinion on a topic. (2006, P.96) The point to a personal column is to leave the reader with no doubts as to what their opinion of a topic is. A good personal column should transfer a...

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