Multimedia Journalism, Bull

According to Bull, a personal brand is who you are and what you are known for. ( 2010, P.339) To create a good brand, it is first important to have good work. A bad journalist will be unable to make a good personal brand through other techniques, if their work is not good to start with. No matter how nice a website may look, it will become apparent immediately if the work is not of a high standard, which will instantly ruin the personal brand. (2010, P.340) For new journalists starting out, Bull states that good branding is vital in establishing a good career. (2010, P.341)

Bull states that there are strategies for building a good personal brand. For example, one should make themselves visible and findable to the public and potential employers, such as online through a portfolio. One should engage with their community, such as in online communities to gain more attention and followers. One should also build a good reputation which can be verified, such as through references on CVs or reviews online through a website or portfolio. (2010, P.342)

It is also important states Bull, that your online presence and reputation presents you as a serious and mature journalist, so as to create a good reputation and good personal brand. To do so, one should ensure that all things posted online that can be linked back to them show them in a good light, rather than something that could damage their reputation and brand. (2010, P.343)

A, Bull. (2010) Multimedia Journalism: A Practical Guide. London:Routledge

Social Media for Journalists, Knight & Cook

Knight and Cook state that as many journalists are now freelance and don’t spend too long working in one place, it is important to make connections and get to know lots of people. This way, the more people you know, the more ways into stories and work you will have as a journalist. To do so, it is important to use all tools at our advantage, such as social media. (2013, P.185)

In order to gain work as a freelancer, Knight & Cook suggest that there are three things freelancers must understand and master; the commission, the pitch and the up-pitch. The commission is where the work is coming from, and what you aim for to gain work. The pitch is how you sell your work to get commissioned, and the up-pitch is how you then up-sell your original pitch, in order to gain more work in the future. (2013, P.186)

M, Kinght. C, Cook. (2013) Social Media For Journalists: Principles & Practice. Los Angeles: London: Saga Publications

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