Sleep: 35mm

I also experimented with some 35mm colour film on an old Rolleiflex camera. I again used the same techniques as the Bronica Camera, using my DLSR as a light meter to set up the correct settings for my shot, and also over exposing the photos a little in the style of Kawauchi.

The film I used was very old and expired, so most of my developed shots didn’t come out very well; many of them were out of focus, or the composition was off centred because the view finder was not very precise. There were however a few shots that came out alright when the film was developed. With these photos, I decided to present them in what is intended to be an interactive display.

In many photographers work, the use of sequencing is important in the presentation of the final photographs. With the final photographs I had picked from my 35mm film experiment, I found that there was no clear order for the presentation of the photos. When I asked other people’s opinion, I found that the ordering of the pictures was very subjective, and that everyone I asked would arrange them in different orders, using their own reasoning. For example, one person arranged them in order of colour, by putting photos with similar colours in them side by side. Another person chose to order them based on the locations shown in the pictures, starting with photographs that were taken inside, and arranging them so that the sequence would progress to outside. The third person I asked to arrange them placed them in order of time, starting with the sun rising in the morning, and finishing with the sun setting in the evening.

I chose to display these images in an interactive manner, because I don’t think that in photography there is a single/correct way of presenting things. There are many possibilities in presentation, and especially when sequencing images, I do not believe there is one right order. Photography and art is very subjective, and often very personal to individuals, so I wanted to do something with my own work that could make it personal to everyone viewing it.

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